Diamond Cut

Cut is a word used in the diamond industry to describe both the cut of the diamond and the actual shape of the stone. There are many types of cut the most popular being the ones set out below Round Diamond, Princess Diamond, Emerald Diamond, Cushion Diamond, Heart Diamond, Pear Diamond, Oval Diamond, Radiant Diamond and the Asscher Cut Diamond and many more.

The most popular is the Round Brilliant cut diamond which contains 58 facets designed specifically to reflect light and in so doing create and enhance the natural beauty of the diamond.

Below are some examples of popular Diamond Cuts

diamond shape and cut

So what is the Diamond Cut?

As explained the cut of the stone influence its ability to reflect light giving it the sparkle and life that we know and love. A good quality of cut is one where the facets are all aligned  and in perfect symmetry and the reverse is also true that a poorly cut stone will not allow light to be reflected correctly and so the brilliance of the stone will be diminished. Mother nature created the diamond over millions of years and man has refined the art of diamond cutting to bring out its natural beauty.

The way light is reflected in a diamond can be seen below.

diamond cut