Diamond Carat

So what is Diamond Carat?

Most people think that the carat is the size of the diamond but in actual fact it is the weight of the stone and comes from the word “carob” meaning the seeds of a locust tree which have a consistent weight.
A carat is normally shown after the diamond in abbreviated form thus:- ct.
One carat = 0.2 grams
Five carat = 1.0 grams.

Diamonds are often described as being a 10 point or a 20 point and this comes from the fact that a 1ct = 100 points therefore a 10 point diamond = 0.1ct and a 20 point diamond = 0.2ct.
Some jewellers refer to the diamond as part of a carat such as 0.2ct and others will refer to it as a 20 pointer, they are both one of the same thing. Up to one carat both terms are acceptable over one carat the term “pointer” will not be used.

All loose stones are weighed on a very sensitive balance and are also measured using very sensitive equipment, this way the carat weight can be determined.
For mounted stones it will always be less accurate and you will see the term approximate weight put after the diamond, in most cases the approximate weight will be very close to the true weight of the stone but the term is used to make sure that everyone knows that the diamond has not been checked in the loose condition.

Diamond graders have to use quite complex formulae to measure the weight of oval, triangular, heart shaped, emerald cut and marquise shaped stones and finally your stone is given a specific weight.

Diamond Carat

While diamonds are not to actual size the increase in proportion between each is to scale.