Tanzanite Gemstones

Tanzanite gemstones are both unique and extremely attractive. Find out the facts about Tanzanite and decide for yourself if this is the gemstone for you. The majestic gemstone, Tanzanite has recently become one of the most popular in the world. This is partly due to some of the Tanzanite’s unique features such as how it […]

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Oval Ruby

The Facts About Ruby Gemstones

Learn the facts about ruby gemstones in this in depth look at this gorgeous gemstone. Find out if rubies are the gemstone for you. One of the most precious gemstones in the world is the Ruby. Renowned for its beautiful, deep red colour, the Ruby Gemstone is recognisable the world over. Over the ages, the […]

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Multi Stone Engagement Ring

How To Choose Gemstone Jewellery

Knowing how to choose gemstone jewellery is really fairly easy once you understand the basics. The biggest hurdle is understanding which jewellery will suit you and which won’t. Wearing a stunning piece of gemstone jewellery can not only make you look good but can also make you feel great! Jewellery is a very versatile accessory […]

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Diamond History and Facts

A brief look at diamond history and facts about diamonds by guest author Aleksandar Mijailovic. Who knew that diamonds could be so interesting! I think there is no man or a woman in the world who are not fascinated with a diamond in some way. Is it because of the beauty that is reflected in […]

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diamond grader

Buying Second Hand Jewellery

So what do you need to know when buying second hand jewellery? Well the first thing is that buying second hand should definitely not mean settling for second best! Your second hand jewellery should be restored and basically be as good as new. What you need to look for now is a quality piece of […]

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brilliant round diamond (2)

Investment in Diamonds

Making and Investment in Diamonds Let us start with the obvious statement of “There are no guarantees that the money you invest will make a return”, and more to the point it could just as easily make a loss. We only have to look at how quickly the banks got it wrong in 2012 to […]

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Gold Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring

Buying Engagement Rings

Buying Engagement Rings Buying engagement rings should be something that you do carefully. One would hope that the girl of your dreams will wear the engagement ring for the rest of her life! When buying diamond rings we hope that the DeBretts Top Ten Tips When Buying Engagement Rings should be a big help. Top […]

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