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Second hand jewellery with a first class service brought to you by DeBretts Jewellery the specialists in quality second hand jewellery.

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Buying used jewellery does not have to mean settling for second best. All our jewellery is carefully selected ensuring only the best quality and best value for money items are sourced for inclusion in our extensive second hand jewellery range.

  • Fully restored to ‘as new’ condition.
  • Fantastic value for money.
  • Valuation certificate.
  • No quibble money back guarantee.
  • Fast delivery.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Free jewellery box.

DeBretts Second Hand Jewellery

All of our jewellery is restored to ‘as new’ quality and available at a fraction of the cost of a new item.

Our expertise in sourcing the very best used jewellery is just one of the many reasons that DeBretts has been so successful in offering high quality low cost jewellery to the discerning customer. We prefer to use the term preloved jewellery as only the highest quality items are sourced. Second hand does not mean second best at DeBretts. Don’t forget with our expertise in restoration, all of our preloved jewellery is fully restored and then dispatched in ‘as new’ condition.

Second Hand Jewellery – Fully Restored

Buying Second Hand Jewellery

Buying second hand jewellery does not mean you have to settle for second best. All the secondhand jewellery at DeBretts is restored to as new condition, we only sell fully restored jewellery. Allow us to reassure you of one very important fact, our used jewellery does not mean second best!

With all our restored pre-owned jewellery we give a 100% money back guarantee that you will be happy with your purchase.

Enjoy shopping at DeBretts Jewellery knowing that our reconditioned jewellery, will give you real pleasure, knowing also that your dream of owning real gems comes at an affordable price. You can be confident that we at DeBretts are the leaders in pre-loved jewellery.

Recommendations When Buying Used Jewellery

DeBretts Jewellery highly recommend that you always consider the following guide when considering a piece of 2nd hand jewellery.

checklist for buying 2nd hand jewellery

  • Only buy fully restored used jewellery.
  • Insist on a valuation certificate.
  • Only buy from qualified jewellers.
  • Make sure they have a returns policy.
  • Check reviews and feedback.

tips for buying used jewellery

  • Never rush your purchase.
  • Never buy jewellery unless you fully understand what you are buying.
  • Never buy from a jeweller without any sort of credentials.
  • Never buy from anyone that you feel you cannot trust.
  • Never buy damaged jewellery.

If you go into buying used jewellery with your eyes wide open and use some common sense then it can pay dividends. Throwing caution to the wind and being reckless can result in a very disappointing experience. We advise that you do some research first, only buy from a jeweller and understand exactly where you stand with regards being able to return an item should you decide to change your mind. Buying second hand jewellery in this way can be a really good way to bag a bargain at a fraction of the price of the equivalent new item.

Selling Second Hand Jewellery

Occasionally we also buy second hand jewellery, we are looking for various types of used jewellery and are prepared to offer excellent prices for any items of unwanted jewellery you may have. Unlike most pawn shops we don’t just offer you the price of the scrap metal. Our Diamond Grader and Gemologist will look at each individual piece of jewellery and offer you a fair cash price for your jewellery. This includes and precious stones which can make a massive difference to the price we can offer.

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