Gemstone Rings

A choice of gemstone rings including sapphires, ruby, amethyst, kyanite and peridot. Put some colour in your life and stand out from the crowd.

gemstone rings

Gemstone Rings

Gemstone rings offer you a wider choice when looking for an attractive and exciting piece of jewellery. Both in style and price range you will widen your options by considering a gemstone ring. The vibrant and exciting gemstone colours offer a little bit of excitement to your ring and will make your jewellery the envy of your friends.


Choose Your Gemstone

If you have a particular gemstone in mind then click on any of the gemstones below to see the individual catalogues. If you would like to browse our beautiful gemstone rings by design then see our stunning designs further down the page.

Round-Cut-Ruby (75x75)

Chrome-Diopside-Round (75x75)

Blue-Sapphire-Round (75x75) Amethyst-Round (75x75)
Pink-Sapphire-Round (75x75) Kyanite-Round (75x75)
Yellow-Sapphire-Round (75x75) Peridot-Round (75x75)

All of our gemstones are natural, we do not sell synthetic stones.

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