Online Jewellery v High Street Jewellery

Online Jewellery v High Street Jewellery which is the best? Both have advantages and below we have answered some of the most common questions.

Online Jewellery v High Street Jewellery, so which is the best?

One of the largest growing areas of Sales over recent years has been that of Online Purchasing and every day in the news we see more shops in the High Street closing down. There have been several television series with a lady called  Mary Portas, and  for  those that don`t know who she is, she is known as the ” Queen of Shops ” and has spent a lot of time looking at High Street businesses with the view to getting them into a more viable trading position, this seems to show that the High street shops have some sort of a problem, whether it needs to attract more customers by their presentation or whether they need to improve their customer relationships, whatever the problems are, it is a fact, that many modern day shoppers are turning away from the High street to Online Shopping. This trend happened way back when the first Supermarkets started and customers realised that they could get more and more items under one roof and so the decline in High street purchasing started.

The question of the article is more specific than just which is better High street shopping or online shopping, it is more a case of Jewellery shopping….is it better to go to the High Street Jeweller or to go to the Internet and shop with an online jeweller. I suppose it would be easy to say something like “you pay your money and take your choice” but that does not help anyone who needs to know some facts or needs to have a reasoned discussion about what each has to offer, hopefully we can look at a few things that will help you the customer make an informed decision.

Online Jewellery v High Street JewelleryWe probably all know people that have had poor service from both the high street shop and online, we may also know someone that has bought goods that are not as described or goods that have not lived  up to our expectations. In the past it was always perceived that if you bought an item from a jewellery shop and there was a problem, you could take it back but when you bought it online it was harder to do that. New legislation has changed the way an online business has to run, the new distance selling regulations mean that the buyer can now send an item back even if they do not like it and they have to give a refund, this give the consumer greater confidence in the online purchase.

When it comes to giving advice on say a Diamond ring both the High street and the online jewellers may not have staff that are competent enough to offer specific advice. When searching for a jewellery shop make sure that they have someone who is qualified in the area you want, for example, does the jewellery shop have someone who can tell you all about your diamond, can they talk about certificates, diamond colour, diamond clarity and different types of cut, or are there only sales assistants that just want to sell you something.

Do you feel under pressure to buy, making the purchase a stressful time rather than an enjoyable experience? On the other hand the online shop offers real convenience shopping, where you can sit with a cup of tea or glass of wine, and look at all sorts of rings in total comfort. You have not had to leave the comfort of your home to trek across a city centre to find what you want, no battling against the weather, no battling against the throng of people, Stress free??  Not quite but the nearest thing to it.

secure internet shopping

Because of the overheads that a shop has, most jewellery, and particularly diamond rings are much more expensive, after all a shop costs more, rates, rent, insurance, staff wages all have to be paid for and guess who picks up that tab.

Online shopping offers a secure way of purchasing by totally secure methods such as PayPal and Sage, look for sites showing a secure gold padlock. Online offers 100% money back guarantees. You can e mail them with a bunch of important questions that you may be embarrassed to ask in a shop.

So which is best?  High street jewellers or online jewellers, armed with some relevant facts we can now say “You pay the money and you make the choice“, but we would say, “Why pay more for the same item”?

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