How to Choose Solitaire Diamond Rings

How to Choose Solitaire Diamond RingsThe single stone or Solitaire Diamond Ring is as popular today as it has ever been, and most of us think about marriage proposals happening with the giving of a single stone rings.

If you think about it, maximum impact happens when the receiver opens that box for the first time and that Solitaire Diamond Ring shines and sparkles in all of its glory.

Nothing gets hidden, the Diamond is there on its own and stands there for all to see, a thing of great beauty.

What girl could resist such a declaration of love, one stone and one love, which is the ultimate token of a proposal of marriage.

The most popular of the Solitaire Diamonds has been the Brilliant Round Cut Diamond which has been carefully cut and polished to give the wearer the visual impact of scintillation, however, there are many other cuts of diamonds that have the same stunning effect.There are so many types of cut of diamonds that can be used in the Solitaire ring such as the Asscher Cut, the Emerald cut, the Pear shape, the cushion cut and many many more and here are a few examples.

There are some Golden Rules to observe when looking for a Diamond ring.

Firstly do plenty of homework !!

Learn all you can about diamonds and in particular the 4 c`s, which are the cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight, all of which can be found on the Debretts Jewellery site.

Do not go into buying a diamond ring blind folded, this is a large purchase that needs to be done with care.

Talk to someone who is qualified as a diamond grader able to offer you good quality advice, your High Street jewellery shop may have many diamond rings for sale but may not have the qualified staff to offer you all aspects of advice on Diamond Grading.

At the early stages of buying a diamond ring you do not need a salesman putting you under pressure, you need help from a quality advisor who is an expert in all aspects of understanding diamonds. Try to find a diamond specialist or diamond grader.

Diamond grading is a skill that takes many years to learn and can only be gained by being around diamonds, and handling them at every opportunity.

Fix yourself a budget and try to get the best value that you can get for it.

Finally enjoy your Solitaire Diamond Ring for it is a thing of great beauty.

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