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Getting the ring size correct is extremely important whether you are treating yourself to a new diamond ring, buying a pretty piece as a gift or shopping for the perfect engagement ring.

When you decide to buy a new ring it is not only important that it looks great but also that it feels great. A ring should fit perfectly and should be neither uncomfortable nor cumbersome to wear.

Of course, then, you would not want to leave something as important as the size of the ring up to chance. But how can you determine your ring size?

Follow our comprehensive ring sizing guide and find out how to find your ring size correctly. With our ring sizing guide and our free ring sizer you will find it is a lot easier to do than you think.

What is a Ring Size?

First though, what does the term ring size refer to? The online encyclopaedia, Wikipedia explains it this way:

Ring size is a measurement used to denote the circumference of jewellery rings.

In order to determine your ring size, you are going to need to take the measurement of your finger behind the knuckle where the ring is going to sit. This measurement is what is known as the ring size and by finding the correct size you can ensure that your new ring fits perfectly.

Find Your Ring SizeWhy is it Important to Find Your Ring Size?

A new ring is an important piece of jewellery and should look and feel fabulous on your finger. If the new ring does not fit properly then it is not going to look right at all. You would not go out wearing clothes that did not fit correctly would you? Incorrectly fitting clothes do not look good and are unflattering. It does not matter how expensive the ill-fitting clothes are, they are never going to look right. In the same way, a piece of jewellery, no matter how expensive or how beautiful it is, is never going to look good if it does not fit on your finger perfectly.

Another very good reason to find your ring size out before buying is that you do not want to lose it. If the ring does not fit snugly and easily slips off your finger then there is a good chance it will come off and you will not notice. It can be very upsetting and distressing when you realise that you have lost your ring, and you may never manage to find it again. An engagement ring is truly irreplaceable so it is extremely important to make sure that it fits well enough that it will not come off on its own.

Finally a ring should be comfortable. The ring you purchase could be the most beautiful in the world but if it is not comfortable to wear then you are not going to wear it. A ring that does not fit correctly can rub or pinch so in order to make sure this does not happen it is wise to make sure that the ring is the correct size.

Where to Size Your Finger

These days you can do just about anything from the comfort of your own home so why should finding your ring size be any different? Shopping online has its benefits, as you can browse endlessly without being pressured into making a purchase or being questioned by numerous ‘helpful’ assistants. Now you can accurately find your ring size at home by yourself using our free ring sizer. So instead of having to make a trip out, pushing through the crowded streets and waiting in long queues to be served, you can now take the stress out of jewellery shopping.

Finding Your Girlfriends Ring Size

A question we are often asked is how to go about finding your girlfriends ring size without her knowing? A tip you could try if you are buying the ring for your girlfriend as a surprise is to borrow one of her rings. Make sure it is one that she enjoys wearing and that fits her well. Place the ring on one of your larger fingers and draw a line around where the ring fits. Later use the free ring sizer gauge on your own finger to find out your girlfriends ring size.

Ring Sizing Guide – How to Find Your Ring Size

The perfect ring size is when the ring fits on your finger comfortably and is easy to wear without the risk of it falling off. The ring should feel snug and it should take a little pressure in order to be able to get it off. Your ring needs to only just be able to fit over your knuckle. In order to find your perfect ring size you will need to measure your finger in the right conditions. The time of day, temperature, activity levels all have a bearing on the size of your finger so make sure that you use your free ring sizer at the right time. Keep in mind the following points when finding your ring size.

  • Temperature – The outside temperature can increase or decrease the size of your finger. When it is cool outside and your hands become cold, body fluids contract causing the size of your fingers to decrease slightly. You may have noticed then at cold times of year your rings become a little loose and may spin around on your finger. The opposite is true in warmer weathers as when your body is warmer your body fluids expand causing your fingers to be that little bit bigger than usual. Ensure that you are neither too hot nor too cold when measuring your finger to ensure a correct fit.
  • Hormones – Depending on the time of the month, woman’s fingers can be a little smaller or larger than usual. This is due to water retention and is also true of many pregnant women. You may find that during pregnancy your rings feel a little bit tighter than normal, but this should change once you have had your baby. It is probably a good idea to hold off on finding your ring size when you are pregnant as this could result in you buying a ring that is a little too big.
  • Time of Day – First thing in the morning when you get out of bed, your body temperature is much higher than it is in the afternoon. You have probably noticed that first thing in the morning it is more difficult to get your rings on. This is because your increased body temperature makes your fingers larger. Never measure your fingers first thing in the morning. Wait until after late morning to do it.
  • Weight – Your weight has a bearing on the size of your fingers. It goes without saying that the bigger you are the larger your fingers tend to be. Conversely the slimmer you are the slimmer your fingers will be. If you are making serious changes to your diet and weight then leave off measuring your ring finger until you have reached your ideal weight or you could end up with a ring that is a little to big or too small for you.
  • Humidity – The humidity is another factor to consider when finding your ring size. If it is a hot, sticky, humid day then your fingers will probably have increased in size somewhat. It is better to wait to measure your fingers until the humidity is back to normal.
  • Exercise – You may have noticed that after exercise your rings feel a little tight. This is because physical exertion increases your heart rate which in turn contributes to increasing your body temperature. Do not use the multisizer straight after a gym session as you will find that your fingers are slightly larger than usual. Give your body the chance to cool down and return to normal.
  • Right or Left – Always remember that your right and left hands can be a different size, even if you are measuring the corresponding finger on the other hand. If you wish to wear your new ring on the left hand then always measure the finger on your left hand. Never assume that the ring size is going to be the same on both hands.

Different Finger Shapes

Not all fingers are the same, just as not all rings are the same. It is certainly not a case of ‘one ring fits all.’ Different styles and shapes suit different finger sizes and shapes so it is important to learn the difference in fingers, or at least figure out what finger shape you have. To put it simply there are three basic types of finger; Slim, Medium and Chunky.

  • Slim fingers – If you have slim fingers then you will probably find that your knuckles are quite a lot bigger than your finger itself. It can be difficult to find a ring to fit really well because in order for it to be tight enough to not ‘spin’ round on your finger you may not be able to get it back over your knuckle. It is probably best therefore to choose a ring with a stone that is not too heavy or large.
  • Medium Fingers – This is the best finger shape to have and basically means that you can wear almost any type of ring. Usually the knuckles of a person with medium fingers are just slightly larger than the finger itself. This means that a ring can be tight enough to be a comfortable fit without it being too difficult to get back over the knuckle or there being any danger of it slipping off.
  • Chunky fingers – People will fingers that are a little more on the chunky or padded side can find that the fleshy part of their finger is actually slightly larger than the knuckle. Unfortunately this can mean that there is the danger that the ring will find its way off your finger if it can slide over your knuckle very easily. In this case it is best to measure your finger so that the fit is slightly tighter. This may feel a little uncomfortable at first but the flesh on your finger will eventually adjust and you will be able to wear your ring without worrying about losing it.

Ring Sizing GuideClearly there is a lot more to consider about sizing your ring finger than you may have initially thought. It is important to have the correct size so that it is comfortable and so that you do not lose your new ring. And it is also important to consider what time of day and under what conditions you measure your ring finger. Most importantly this is something you can do by yourself.

So don’t delay, order your free ring sizer today and find your ring size from the comfort of your own home. There is now no need to feel embarrassed about causing a delay in a jewellers and no need to feel pressured into buying a ring that you didn’t really want. You will be able to take your time and not have to worry about the stress of a trip into a crowded town. Follow our comprehensive guide to finding your ring size. It really couldn’t be easier.

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