Cleaning Silver Jewellery

Cleaning Silver Jewellery at home can be really very easy. This step by step guide should help you restore your silver jewellery to first class condition. The best way to remove tarnishing from silver jewellery at home is by using four easy to find items that are in most kitchens. The whole process takes less than five minutes and we hope that this guide to cleaning silver jewellery at home will help you to restore your silver jewellery.

Silver Jewellery Cleaning

Cleaning Silver Jewellery

So for silver jewellery cleaning you will need the following –

  1. Aluminium Foil
  2. Salt
  3. Bicarbonate of Soda
  4. Hot Water

The first thing you should do when cleaning silver jewellery at home is take your container and place your piece of aluminium foil inside.

Place your item of jewellery in your container on top of the foil.

Next add a large shake of salt, table or cooking salt will be fine.

Silver Jewellery Cleaning

Next add a large shake of bicarbonate of soda over your jewellery. A shake is not a precise measurement but don’t worry too much about overdoing it. Just give the jewellery a light covering.

Now add your hot water to your container and give it a couple of minutes to take effect. Poor in enough water to cover the foil and silver jewellery.

Clean Silver Jewellery

Bicarbonate of soda activated by boiling water will in the presence of aluminium remove any tarnishing from silver jewellery. You may some bubbling when you add the water as the bicarbonate reacts with the water.

Finish Your Silver Jewellery Cleaning

To finish your silver jewellery cleaning all you have to do now is give your jewellery a quick stir. Move the jewellery around in your container with your salt water, bicarbonate of soda and aluminium foil. You can use an old tooth-brush or wooden spoon. Turn your jewellery over so both sides have taken a turn touching the foil. Again give the contents of your glass another stir.

Cleaning Jewellery Silver

After Cleaning Silver JewelleryRemove your piece of jewellery and you will see that the tarnishing has been removed. You have successfully managed to clean your piece of silver jewellery at home. The image of the dirty foil above shows how the tarnishing has transferred from the silver bracelet to the foil. At this point it is recommended to give your jewellery a rinse with some clean warm water. Once your jewellery is clean you can buff it to give it a nice shine.

Cleaning silver jewellery at home will make you able to keep your jewellery in tip-top condition. Have you also seen our more general guide one how to clean jewellery at home? This guide covers other items of jewellery including Diamond Rings and Gold.

Preventing Silver Jewellery Tarnishing

So okay now you know how to clean silver jewellery at home. But wouldn’t it be great if you could stop your silver tarnishing in the first place. The best way to stop silver jewellery tarnishing is to keep it stored in an airtight bag when not being worn. This will greatly reduce the need for cleaning your silver jewellery.


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  1. Flora June 13, 2013 at 10:51 am #

    Found this to be invaluable information and i have passed this on to my granddaughters to who have also found this a great help,so simple and so effective-thankyou very much from us all:)

    • Ross June 13, 2013 at 11:03 am #

      Hi Flora – Pleased you enjoyed the article. It is so easy to clean your own silver and with some really very effective results.

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