Exquisite Jewellery at Affordable Prices

Second hand rings and pendants restored to ‘as new’, sold at less than half the retail value.

Browse our second hand diamond and gemstone rings in gold, silver and platinum. Get a ring that is as good as new without the hefty price tag.

Bespoke Jewellery

Can’t find what you are looking for? Want an old family heirloom repurposing? Get the ring of your dreams without breaking the bank. Jewellery designed to your specifications.

Second Hand Pendants

Gorgeous diamond and gemstone pendants with polished and cleaned stones sold in brand new mounts and chains. Sold as second hand but restored to pristine condition.

How can we sell jewellery at half price?

Second hand jewellery at DeBretts does not mean settling for second best. All diamonds and gemstones are polished and set in either a brand new mount or a completely reconditioned setting.

All gemstones and diamonds are cleaned with a solvent and an ultrasonic cleaner which emits high frequency soundwaves removing all external impurities and giving a prisitine finish.

​The mount has all claws checked, tightened, re-tipped and renewed to ensure the stone is displayed safely and securely. The ring band is checked for fractures, symmetry and hallmarks, then polished and completely restored to give you a ring as good as new.

​Your ring is indistinguishable from a new ring but costs less than half the retail price.